Are You Man Enough to Wear a Tutu?
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The Pink Tutu Project

The photos show a stout, middle-aged man dressed only in a pink tutu: poised on a diving board, hanging off a tree, wandering through a cow pasture, catching the breeze on a ferry deck - and lying in a bed alone.

Photographer Bob Carey started shooting the quirky, often touching self-portraits back in 2003, right around the time his wife of Linda was told she had developed an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Three years after treatments had apparently obliterated Linda’s cancer, it came back with a vengeance, spreading to her liver. She’s been beating the odds since then, a survivor who lives with her cancer one day at a time.

The photos turned out to be a kind of therapy for the couple, putting a smile on Linda’s face while capturing the vulnerability of everyone fighting a deadly disease. They laugh in the face of death.



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