In Which Jay Tries To Align Himself With Actual Journalists

As most avid sports fans are aware, the two reporters who wrote Game of Shadows are facing a judge today. They are facing jail time if they don't reveal their sources. For a quality take on the issue read Rick Telander's column from last month, or Jeff Brohel's column at The Baseball Report. As usual, stay away from Mariotti. Mariotti again manages to make this issue about him, despite the fact that he certainly isn't a reporter. After all, in the five months since the beginning of this site I don't think he's interviewed one person. He hasn't investigated anything and he certainly hasn't brought anything to light. While he has written lazy (and extremely convoluted) columns about his own greatness, I don't think that's punishable by law. The biggest mistake Jay makes in his column today is assuming that the general public feels as much hatred for the sports press in general as we do for him. He writes:
Media freedoms are on trial as they haven't been in decades. Sadly, ignorantly, a lot of you probably are cheering about that. On the sports pages, many fans believe our purpose is to provide supportive coverage of the hometown teams and aren't very interested in the San Francisco case.
It's nice to know that Jay has taken this opportunity to recite his tired mantra of "I tell it how it is, that's why people hate me." Not only that, he's thrown in a cheap shot at his readers, calling most of them ignorant. Well, Jay, people hate you because you are an arrogant, untalented fool. There are plenty of critical sportswriters with talent in this city (see the link to Rick Telander) that aren't widely hated. I think one would be hard-pressed to find a reader of this site who didn't feel a sense of appreciation and respect for the two journalists who stand trial today. They are brave men with so much journalistic integrity that they refuse to name their sources. I don't think "journalistic integrity" and "Jay Mariotti" have ever been used in a sentence together. Except for that one right there. As much as Jay would like to believe it, our hatred for him isn't based on an overarching hatred of critical sports journalists. Unfortunately, what Jay doesn't realize is that he is the anti-Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams. He doesn't interview people. He doesn't work hard. He doesn't have an insightful sense of what is right. To write an article aligning himself to these two men is ludicrous. Ultimately, you have to wonder if Jay himself even cares about their plight. If he was so dedicated, wouldn't he attend the huge sports writers' protest happening outside the courthouse? As usual, it seems that Jay is taking a large issue and making it all about himself:
Our business is changing by the year, the month, the hour. I have little idea where it's going, and what I do know, I don't like. Web sites peek around corners like sewer rats, operated by weirdos who live in their parents' basements, pretend to be experts and break ''stories'' that gullible people actually believe.
For those of you keeping score at home, he's called us "weirdos" two times and now "sewer rats" once. And for the record, I would never live in my parents' basement. It floods way too much.

In Which A Co-Worker Knocks Jay Down A Peg

Please excuse the family tie-in and enjoy this audio of Neil Steinberg ripping Mariotti on The Steve Dahl Show. I have a new hero. Editor's Note: Steve Dahl is the father of one of the posters on this blog.

In Which We Let Another Blog Do The Work For Us

Jay's column today has me speechless, so I'm going to let Tom at "Foul Balls" (a quality Chicago sports blog) do the heavy lifting for me. The blog can be found here.
Jay Mariotti is a Jackass Note to Jay Mariotti: get the fuck over it. You constantly rip on Ozzie Guillen, Hawk Harrelson, and the White Sox for perpetuating their fued with you, yet you're the one who never fucking shuts up about it. Last week, you actually had the nerve to write an entire column blaming Hawk Harrelson for costing Freddy Garcia a perfect game because he mentioned it on the air. Aren't you that same jackass who has routinely made fun of Cubs fans over the years for believing in silly curses and other superstitions? Well, aren't you? So I guess I'm the idiot for being shocked you would write such stupid, pointless drivel contradicting everything else you've ever said. I mean, you've made an entire career out of it. It's what you do, Jay. Then today I see this in your column: "This won't be found in any Elias Sports Bureau statistical package, but on June 20, the night Ozzie Guillen called me ''a [bleeping]fag,'' the Sox were 45-25. Since then, they are a sloppy 39-41 and looking like they intend to uphold a lame franchise tradition: No back-to-back postseason appearances." That's right. Jay Mariotti just took credit for the Sox not winning the division this year. It's not because the pitching staff has an ERA a full run higher this season than last, it's because Ozzie Guillen dared to insult the greatest writer, nay human!!, that this world has ever known. Mr. Jay Mariotti. No wonder people read blogs these days.
Well said. reprinted with permission from Tom at

In Which the Bears Halt Jay’s Evil Plans

Well, it happened again. The Bears looked so good even Mariotti is hard pressed to find anything negative to write. Sure, he throws out some nonsense about Grossman possibly injuring himself during one of his chest bump celebrations. But I'm pretty sure that was a joke. A bad joke, but a joke nonetheless. Anyway, I don't want to dwell on it. Jay's all marshmallows and puppy dogs these days when it comes to the Bears because their play has left him without any other options. That doesn't mean he isn't ready to pounce the second they start to stuggle a little. I know that doesn't seem possible now, but they probably will run into a problem or two at some point. If the Bears somehow do keep playing at this high a level, I expect Jay will just snap and start calling out random players for no reason. The first will be Brad Maynard. I can't say why. Call it a hunch. Next week the Bears have to play a team that has actually won a game. As Jay brilliantly points out, the 2-0 Vikings will be their first real test. Don't think he isn't hoping they fail it.

In Which Urlacher Joins the Frey

In case you needed another reason to cheer on the Bears, follow this link to Ryan Chiaverini's Bears' Notebook on ABC 7's website. Click on the "Two-Minute Warning" video, and enjoy a little Mariotti hatred. Go Bears!