In Which It Finally Happened!

Jay has walked away from a job* that, ostensibly, was to pay him* almost $6,000,000 over three years. So money wasn’t the issue. He* walked away without notifying his only real friend and supporter at the Sun Times, Michael Cooke, of his decision. Way to keep those bridges burning Jay! And he* has walked into a brave new world that he* clearly does not understand.

Or, to be polite, we missed the memo that there are a plethora of web sites paying 7 figure salaries to bloggers. If there are, my resume’ is up to date. Hell, for a measly one mil a year I’ll split it in half and throw in Tyrone!

More importantly, for Jay, is the fact that he* will no longer have access to AP articles that he* can routinely copy and paste into his* daily drool. No longer will he* be able to take the hard work of a Chris DeLuca or Greg Couch and turn it into inanity.

Also, Jay has stated that he* will keep his job on Around the Horn (ESPN). However, there has been no supporting statement from ESPN on that precept. After all, “Chicago Sports Columnist” adds some validity, justified or not, to his bile. “Vernon Hills Blogger” might not command the national respect he* thinks. He* may have opened the proverbial can of worms with this move. Fans of national sports television can only hope.

Plus, I am sure that his family is thrilled to see Jay walk away from millions of guaranteed dollars in a tough economy so that he can seek his* fame and fortune alongside porn sites, gambling sites and us. By “thrilled” I mean it in much the same way as any sane person would cheer an outbreak of Ebola in their neighborhood.

The fact that Jay made a life altering decision based on the same amount of foresight and research that he* routinely puts into his* columns* surprises no one. The fact that he* laid waste to his* only claim to legitimacy does.

Fortunately for us, his* decision changes little here. We have a solid set of Chicago sports blogs going daily and we have a wealth of material to work with thanks to many other journalists*. Should Jay make good on his threat to maintain a Chicago base with his* new venture, we will report on it as well.

Tyrone will be weighing in with his thoughts in a little while. In the meantime, enjoy the respite, enjoy the moment and CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FUN!!!!!!