In Which He* … oh, screw it

Jay plays GM for the Bears today. He disagrees with every move they made and makes it appear as though the team is being run by pack of, half dazed, drooling morons. So, based on his* opinion, I figure they’ll go 12-4, make the playoffs and have a great year.

Now, on to the cool stuff.

Chicago is a sports crazed city. Granted, over the years the fans have learned civility and decorum, but underneath it all in each fan there beats the heart of true competitor. And no sport shows that more accurately than Roller Derby.

You’re laughing, I can hear you. But, hear me out for a minute and give me a chance to change your mind.

Chicago is home to the Windy City Rollers. Their matches are usually sold out or close to it. Their fans are rabid. Their teams are fierce and, this is the good part, they do it because they love it. No other reason. Forget the “Kansas City Bomber” crap and Raquel Welch, these are real women, many housewives, who strap on their skates and beat the living hell out of each other for the joy of ... well, for the sheer joy of beating the living hell out of someone.

I can relate to that and I bet you can too.

While not a staple of the mainstream media, yet, alternative publications have been raving about this sport for a few years and justifiably so. It is sport at its purest. The blood is real. The pain you hear, and you will HEAR the pain, is real. The excitement you see is real. The women on the rink are real. No preening, no pandering, no fluff. Just honest to God competition at its most base and pure.

I should also note that these ladies are good. Last year the Windy City Rollers competed for the national title. Had a couple of breaks gone their way I think they could have won it. This year they stand a serious chance of taking it all. If you go see a match you will not be seeing some prima-donnas on skates, you will see hard hitting athletes who are very good at what they do. Think of it as a tonic for wrestling (pro variety) and you get the idea. Nothing here is scripted. Nothing is guaranteed.

In fact, due to the popularity of the sport, there is now a second league in Chicago, called The Chicago Outfit. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of the teams and assure you that the competition level is just as high in this league as it is in WCR.

So, while our pro sports teams continue to get better and better (yes, I even hold out hope for the Bulls), I thought you might enjoy a peek at a growing new sport that this city can proudly claim as part of its legacy.