In Which Jay Makes A Prediction

A classically smug prediction from the Sunday edition of the Sun-Times, hours before the Bears spanked the Saints:

I’m picking the Saints, 38-31, which suggests I think Rex can have an OK day keeping up in a shootout.
But he’ll ultimately make more mistakes than Brees while McAllister pounds away as Shaun Alexander did.

He couldn’t possibly have been more wrong.


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I don’t have any problems with the state of Indiana. 

As a matter of fact, I owe my existence to the Hoosier state. 

Had my mom not possessed the foresight to flee a backwoods county inhabited by drug addicts, prostitutes, and bitter ex-coal miners, I would never have inherited the fine Nail genes that constitute my make-up. 

I criticized the Southern Nails with caution, for I had never met them in person before my brother decided to play E-Z Bake Oven with my third cousin. 

The Indiana (mother’s maiden name omitted for clarity and to protect the innocent) Nails?  Let’s just say there has been plenty of interaction over the years.  I only wish my perspective was limited. 

Tyrone, let me know if you are interested in bringing the Real Jay Mariotti to an Indiana meth lab for the ultimate live blogging adventure.  I have connections.  Too many.

robnail  on  01/22  at  12:06 AM
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Jay won’t admit that he was wrong. And you know he’ll be doubly pissed that two black coaches are in the Super Bowl. OH THE HORROR!

The Saints had one hell of a season, and just got beat by a better team.

I am sure that Jay is quite upset. Tom Brady lost, so he doesn’t have him as the object of manlust. There’s no Belichek, there’s no Great White Hope… How will he ever cope? No doubt he is writing a “column” talking about how the Bears got lucky and Peyton Manning is worthy of busting a nut over.

Fire the F***tard.

Nick  on  01/22  at  12:12 AM
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WOW, Tinky actually admitted he was wrong to pick against the Bears. He did still manage to get a few digs in on Rex though. After a quick first reading before Monday meetings, this might be Tinky’s most positive piece in decades.

5 to 1 that he is getting a wax today and a new thong for South Beach on the Sun Times $.

Hino  on  01/22  at  08:45 AM
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If you want to read something hysterically funny, go to Tyrone’s Blog of Yesterday and read his closing comments as “The Real Jay Mariotti”. It is, literally, the blueprint for today’s column*.

Not once in today’s drek does he deliver one sincere compliment to Lovie or the team. At least he admits that he’s an idiot.  LOL

Thank you Chicago Bears.

BigBadBill  on  01/22  at  09:03 AM
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It was almost as gratifying to see Tinky eat crow over the Bears as it was for him to eat a whole turkey over the White Sox.  He conveniently used his “don’t live in the past” philosophy to avoid reminding us of his continued denigration of the players, coaches and management of the team.

Forget about South Beach; The Joke can’t wait to visit Wilton Manors, not too far from Dolphin Stadium near Ft. Lauderdale.  In fact, he may love it so much that he’ll forget about moving to Boise and take up residence in this quiet south Florida community.  Check it out.

FredSox49  on  01/22  at  09:24 AM
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Nice to see LittleMan admit he is a jerk, and a flip-flopping douchebag. Today’s column is merely a brief respite.

Fret not, he will be on the Colts bandwagon within 24 hours. This minor capitulation today was merely an effort to keep his job. As with the every Chicago team the formula is very simple:

1) find a way to insult the team as much as possible in the days/ weeks leading up to the next big game
2) point to other “experts” who predict said chicago team will lose
3) on day of said big game, write a column about how said chicago team has caused so much heartbreack that if said team doesn’t win, said chicago team should “leave us alone” (seriously. he actually wrote that on saturday. i don’t know which is more hilarious, the idea that LittleMan cares one iota about any Chicago team, or the absurdity of the idea that a team can somehow “leave its fans alone")
4) day after big win, write a column praising said team

two days after big win:
repeat steps 1-4.

Cubs2578  on  01/22  at  09:57 AM
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Yeah, Jay admitted he was wrong, but in his usual manner of implicating the rest of us in his error: 

“He believed when we didn’t. They believed when we didn’t.”

What’s with all of this “we” stuff, Jay?  I don’t remember being cited in your column as one of the Bears’ detractors.  Just admit you were wrong without dragging everyone else into it.

the wolf  on  01/22  at  11:15 AM
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Wolf, you misunderstand the tenets of Mariotti-ism. Once you are a resident of the City of Chicago or a fan of one of its teams, you are automatically an adherent. You have no choice.

There is no democracy here. He is right and you are wrong. And, if he is proven wrong, it is your fault. See, it’s easy once you know the rules.

BigBadBill  on  01/22  at  11:35 AM
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I think you forgot the part that (Tw)"it" is only part of we when when the F***tard is trying cover his own ass. Let me see...I know some people that almost unanamously picked the Bears. They’ve even got their own web site: www.jaythejoke.comgrin

SouthSideSlim  on  01/22  at  12:16 PM
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S-cubed, I was just trying to give Wolf an overview of Mariotti-ism. I didn’t want to burden him sith subtelties just yet.

BigBadBill  on  01/22  at  12:56 PM
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wolf- i thought the same exact thing when i read today’s column.  just because he had no faith doesn’t mean we didn’t.

have you guys seen this sign?  it’s insane:

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patbooyah  on  01/22  at  12:57 PM
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I’m just going to go and say this- wondering what other people thought:

I am very proud of Lovie “the Black Bear” and Tony Dungy and their accomplishments in the NFL being the first african americans to coach in the superbowl game.... being african american myself I see this as a great accomplishment. However..... the constant reminders and repetive nature that the media had on this issue almost bordered on (do I dare say it… a form of racism?). Maybe this isn’t the right word at all, so don’t go all ape shit but here is my point.

As soon as the possibility arose that a black coach could be leading a superbowl team it was mentioned at each and every chance… it came up so much that it was overdone, irritating to, and seemed arrogant: almost like the impossible has just been done- “can you believe it, a black man has lead a NFL team to the superbowl”. It felt like the constant reminders and mentioning of it actually showed that the NFL is somewhat “racist"- this along with Lovie’s pay check. It kills me bringing this up but that’s what kept coming up in my thoughts. You could almost see the annoyance in Lovie’s face when once again Bradshaw brought it up when displaying the trophy. Lovie is a great coach, (yes he also happens to be black) and yes history has been made; however, let’s spin this a little: To create discussion say F***tard Fudd was coaching New Orleans and accomplished the same goal: “How does it feel being the first coach who is a dwarf homosexual in the superbowl?” This gets repeated over and over again (this is not overexaggerating). Would it be okay for dwarves to be somewhat upset? What about homosexuals?
Not sure if I am getting my point across, I just think it was extremely overmentioned. Lovie is a great coach, same with Tony, and yes they are black- why do we have to keep bringing it up? Almost makes them sound inferior to all the other white coaches....

Anyone else get the feeling? Again, I just think it was overdone… to bring it up once would have been okay (a nice little stat) but maybe it was just overdone for my liking.

Toko  on  01/22  at  12:58 PM
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It is too bad Lovie didn’t play it off as if he had never realized he was black until then. Bradshaw would have been speechless. That would have been priceless.

Hino  on  01/22  at  01:05 PM
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Jamel, you are dead on. And Pat, that is fucking sick. Anyway, even my wife was starting to wonder if we lived in South Africa. You know, where they used to blood type you to see “how black you are.”

But, I fear they have only just begun. Wait until the national media figures out that we have the only Latin to coach in the Superbowl (Ron Rivera) and that our towel boy is actually a dwarf and not a kid. This is just going to get wierder and wierder as it goes on. Brace yourselves.

BigBadBill  on  01/22  at  01:09 PM
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I think I understand what you’re getting at, and unfortunately I think that story line will only be beaten into the ground further these next two weeks.

I think it was Lovie or Dungy...not sure which, who said a true sign of progress would be when it’s not mentioned at all.

That said, still happy for Lovie.  Wasn’t Ozzie the first Latino in baseball to get it done? Chicago has a knack for this stuff I guess.

Matt Lynch  on  01/22  at  01:09 PM
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BBB - i agree about that sign being disgusting, i’m surprised somebody would do that, and even more surprised that the bears wouldn’t have it taken down immediately.

patbooyah  on  01/22  at  01:15 PM
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You know, I hadn’t thought of that. I wonder how long that sign got left up. It’s one thing to root for your team, quite another to make fun of the deaths and displacement of thousands.

I guess all we can hope is that the tool who made that sign never breeds.

BigBadBill  on  01/22  at  01:29 PM
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I wish I had heard that quote Matt-- it’s amazing how careful the media really should be regarding shit like this. Without me hearing that quote I could see it in Lovie that he was diffinately irritated about this being constantly brought to people’s attention. Unfortantly I think that a good thing might have turned bad as I am pretty sure I wasn’t the only black person thinking this (plus I am not at all on edge about this kind of stuff). Maybe Peterson or Miners can look into this and sue someone. And yeah, that sign is disgusting; however, there are many F***tard out there… at least we know more than one who lives in the surrounding chicago area. To Matt and Pat, I do like posting here but to others a great spin is being played out on the other blog. I wish these two could unite to keep up the interest and build more posters. Keep it up new people.

Toko  on  01/22  at  01:33 PM
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Ron Rivera’s latin? I guess I never really cared because he was a badass.

I agree that they’re overplaying the race angle. Yes, Tony and Lovie are black - big deal. They kicked ass as coaches this year. Why not focus on two first time coaches in the Super Bowl? Or how Lovie is criminally underpaid? Or how about the fact that we have two quiet polite coaches instead of screamers like Bill Cowher, etc?

The race issue is going to be played up for the next two weeks. I’d wager that the over/under for the game itself will have 20 race-related comments. Although, I’m waiting to hear something from Lovie that’s snarky like “I’m the first black coach in the Super Bowl only because I had the early game.”

Nick  on  01/22  at  01:56 PM
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I think the black coaches’ angle is being worked because since it’s the first time, so it goes, it must be significant.  Perhaps it will lose some of its steam when writers figure the significance is that it should have happened earlier but ownership is always reluctant to make changes.  I also hope it will lead to more African-American head coaches in pro and college ball.

By the way, does anybody remember Marv Levy being asked what it was like being the first Jewish Super Bowl coach?  Note: I’m not including George Allen on this list.

FredSox49  on  01/22  at  02:01 PM
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So many intelligent thoughts and ideas exchanged on a thread from a post containing next to nothing.....

Big Star  on  01/22  at  02:12 PM
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I hadn’t even thought about it until the talking heads started beating us over the head with it. Now I only hope that they can stop because everyone gets it. I’d hate to think that this story line has two weeks worth of “legs”. I’d rather listen to in depth coverage of choosing the optimum cleat length.

Tony should have been to the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay.


I don’t remember anything being said about Levy’s religion.

The issue that should be being talked about is whether or not there’s advantage/disadvantage to one being mentored by the other.

SouthSideSlim  on  01/22  at  02:24 PM
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He couldn’t possibly have been more wrong.

That line alone said so much that I don’t think Pat needed much more. He was wrong about the outcome of the game, what Bears’ fans would or would not tolerate, what Lovie thinks about contracts and Rex (okay, on that one he is so far off that I wonder if he has actually even seen Lovie) and so on.

As I said previously, the race angle is going to take on a life of its own and I will keep in mind the words of my wife, “He won 15 fucking games, I don’t care if he’s purple!”

I love my wife. grin

BigBadBill  on  01/22  at  02:27 PM
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You know what I wasn’t going to do this but now I will. I like discussions on different topics that can be spun to make F***tard look like a....F***tard. So here it is: I wrote and posted it on the “other” blog. I also wrote it before I saw the sign Matt or Pat posted. Unbelievable

On January 22, 2007 at 9:05 am jamel Said:
God bless you Jay, always looking at the BIGGER picture. Yesterday should be seen as a disgrace as great injustice has once again occured on american soil. Do american people NOT understand that the Bears-N.O. battle was more than just a “GAME”? Did people not get the memo that all earnings on N.O. champion merchandise was going to be re-routed back to the people of New Orleans? Money for food, shelter, clothing, fuel for heat– it all could have been there- all citizens of New Orleans could have been saved! But, no instead it was determined that the life of ONE black man, Lovie The Black Bear Smith, was more important than the lives of so many african american citizens of New Orleans! That it was more important to “guarentee” that at least ONE BLACK coach finally made it to the superbowl. That this “accomplishment” in sports history was MORE important than FEEDING, CLOTHING, SHELTERING, and BATHING the thousands upon thousands of lives that were instantly shattered that one horrible day in New Orleans. How can Lovie look at himself in the mirror knowing that his selfishness to win will only help ONE african american (HIM) instead of thousands of african american people? Lovie, I ask you this– would Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ali, Richard Prior and Eddie Murphy be proud of YOU!! Have your actions bettered the lives of our brothers and sisters or hurt them?? Your actions yesterday are no different than if you walked around and took away the bread from little Jamila’s hands, took away the clothes off little Tashaonda’s back, kicked down the door off little Tyrona’s home… did you think Lovie, did you “see” what you were doing?
Jay Mariotti tells it “The way it is”- again– quoted right from his mouth “winning isn’t everything!”. Yesterday, on any given sunday, was a time where winning for one city, really was a lost for a nation. When I vote for the next president of the united states of america, I want an individual who is going to help millions of our people, not one. A vote for Jay is a vote in the right direction. Congratulations Chicago… I hope you understand that your cheering and laughter caused crying and misery for thousands if not millions of little african american boys and girls. Congratulations to you Lovie Smith, congratulations….

Toko  on  01/22  at  02:35 PM
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I see you Keith....

Toko  on  01/22  at  02:51 PM
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