The Green Bay Packers

This team in the NFL, is the same team that one the very first Super Bowl ever.

To the people and fans who find themselves living in the state of Wisconsin, where this team was crafted, consider it to be so much more than just ‘sports’, here is why.

This team is the only one in the whole league that is owned by the fans themselves, rather than being owned by a few rich billionaires like most other professional sports franchises.

In fact, there has been many people through out the years who have offered a lot of money to buy this team but, they are denied every time because the love of the game and the dedication of the fans are so strong due to them feeling like they are a part of something so much bigger than just themselves.

This American football team had a legendary coach, Vince Lombardi, who took the team to many championships but, the trophy given to the winner of the biggest match off in the whole season of the nfl, was named after their coach.

The Packer’s are the only team in the whole league who do not have a mascot but, their notorious love for cheese in the dairy state has caused an uprising in cheese heads to pop up along the head area of many goers of the events.

The team was given the name after being crafted from a group of local men to the city of Green Bay, who worked in the indian packing company.

The Packer’s then went on to being one of the most known names in the whole league, they are prided on their talent as well as the dedication of the most loyal fan base in football.

They are the third oldest team to be born into the national football league back in 1919.

The creator of this fabulous team was founded by Earl Lambeau, who as everyone probably already knows, is the reason the field as the name Lambeau.

The team went on through the years to win four major championships, which is not a lot if you think about how many there were since the football tradition was started but, you would have thought that they never lost a single game after sitting in a place filled with their fans.

The fans have said to be some of the loyalist in the whole game, in fact, every single game has been completely sold out since 1960.

This is going to sound a little strange to some people but, the fans have been known to be put on waiting lists for season tickets from the day they are born, they then wait until sometimes in their thirties or older until they actually receive them, if they ever do.

The tickets to see this star team, run around the field are even passed down to family members and friends in people’s wills.

If you have ever had the pleasure of getting to watch a Packer’s game on television or in person, then you would know that the fans are super supportive, all you can hear the entire time is the stadium roaring with the chant, ‘Go pack go’ which has become a game tradition for the entire state to participate in, even if they are at a local bar.