The Milwaukee Bucks

This NBA sports team belongs to the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

They were born into the sport back in 1968 and have been a big part of the Milwaukee community ever since.

The team has found the sponsorship backing of the largest motorcycle company in the entire world, Harley-Davidson.

Their team is represented by Bango, the mascot for the basketball team, and has a long and storied history.

In fact, Bango has been through some serious injuries (as a Mascot!) through his career.

He has found himself with a torn ACL after trying to put on an amazing show by standing on one of the rims of the hoop, when one of his feet slipped, causing his leg to become stuck in the netting but, the trouble did not stop there.

The rest of his body ended up falling through the hoop as well, which resulted in his injury putting him out of the game during the two-thousand and nine series due to nobody else being able to preform as Bango, the fans and the team had to wait until the original healed before the fans and team got to see their favorite buck again.

If you are on the search of a new basketball team to support, you should definitely jump on over to the Bucks, you will not be disappointed.

They have a long history of doing things during the game that keep the entire crowd pumped up and ready for each new play, not to mention that the half time shows are amazing and you do not know what you are missing if you have never seen one!

This sports team is part of the Eastern-Central Division, they are usually spotted as number three in the division which is where they normally stand for a good part of the season before they really start stepping up their game.

If you ever find yourself at a game or get a chance to see them on television, make sure you keep your eyes on certain players, number thirty-four, twenty-two and five.

These guys are the best of the best out on the court, if you are not watching them during the next basketball season then you have no idea what you are missing out on!

The fans of this team are mainly from the city of MIlwaukee but, do not be fooled, they have a large amount of fans all over the United States.

Plus, it is nice that the tickets to the game are easy to get your hands on and most flights to Milwaukee are fairly cheap.

So, if you find yourself wanting to wander over for one of the games, now you know that it is very possible to make your dream a reality without having to break your budget to do so.

If you are wondering what basketball team you need to keep your eye on next season, do not forget about the Milwaukee Bucks, they are a wonderful team, with a supportive fan base and an awesome coach to keep them going strong game after game.