Why Men Love Sports More Than Women

If you have ever been to a live sporting event or notice the amount of people who represent sports on a daily basis, you would find that men are more into the games than women are.

This is nothing new for most men, who typically think that women would rather spend all day playing with a rabbit vibrator rather than enjoy a sporting event, whether in person or even just watching it on TV in a local bar (I’m half kidding with that rabbit vibrator example… kind of – it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case for a lot of women in all honesty haha).

But the question for a lot of these men is just why women are not as into sports as men?

A big reason that men are more into sports than women is simple, it is their gender-focused upbringing.

Now, this might sound silly to some people but, just take a minute to really think about this.

When you were a child, growing up a male, what kind of toys did your parents offer to you?

Sports related items such as race cars, footballs, soccer balls, tennis equipment, etc.

Now, if you were a female and when you were a child you were offered things such as dolls, clothes, tea party items, princess themed articles, etc.

So, just from looking at this little point alone, you would see that men are raised around the idea of sports from the moment they are able to play with toys or crawl.

Women on the other hand are not introduced to these things until later on in their lives, on the normal occasion it is not until they are around five or six, when their parents might decide that they need to be put in some form of little leagues.

But by that point it is too late and they are already permanently disinterested in sports in general.

Another big topic of at home up bringing is that Father’s dream of their son becoming the next great sports star.

They push their kids to get into sports, to watch sports, to eat, breath and live nothing but, sports from a very early age, it’s just in the dad’s nature.

Son’s also find that doing activities that involve sports is a great way to connect and bond with their Father’s, where as women are designated as ‘daddy’s little girl’, no matter if they are into sports or not.

Sports are not just a way to find a family, they are also a great way to improve your childhood and your future after high school.

In school if you are in sports, you normally are very popular and no one wants to be the person who is disliked by the other kids, this is a great way to increase popularity among your peers, which could add a lot of pressure to young men, adding to the enjoyment of sports, knowing that it could potentially change their life.

Colleges pay for athletes to go to school, so for a lot of males, this is their gateway to a bright future, whereas females are more likely to try the academic hand when getting a scholarship, rather than physical activity.

Even though it is a fact that men like sports more than women, does not mean that every male or female can be placed into one category or another, everyone has their own unique tastes and should never be judged on first glance by who they are basing an option of their interests.

You could be mildly surprised to find out just how many women actually love sports!