The Milwaukee Brewers

The sports team in the MLB known as the Milwaukee Brewers, is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Their biggest rival is the Chicago Cubs – when these two teams are playing against each other you are not going to want to miss it!

Not only is the game a complete nail biter the whole time but, the fans of these two teams are not ones who play around.

In fact there has been many occasions where after the games, police had to break up fights between the two, due to over raging emotions, whether they are positive or not, these fans sure know how to cause a riot!

This baseball team is part of the Central Division, they are currently in second place for the division and are hoping to scoot their way up to first place shortly!

The team was founded in nineteen sixty-nine and were named after the local brewing industry that we all know as Miller Lite.

If you ever find yourself at Miller Park, you will be walking into their field, you will find this team rocking the colors of navy blue and gold.

While watching the game, you are going to want to keep an eye on the players that sport the number twenty-two, eight, and seventy-one.

They are amazing players and really know how to give the best run they got in every game, plus, they are great with connecting with fans, young and old alike!

A name that was retired from the team a while back that most people will recognize is Jackie Robinson but, even with some of the biggest names in the world on their team, they have only ever been in the world series one time and they unfortunately did not win.

That was back in nineteen eighty-two and still they have yet to make another appearance in the world series, fingers crossed that this year will be the one to change everything!

If you are looking for a sports team that will get you fired up before every game, then you are going to want to watch these guys, they show know how to make sure that their fans are having a good time, even from the comfort of their own living rooms.

It is without a doubt that in the MLB, these guys are the underdog but, nothing makes a great underdog story, quite like an amazing comeback, this season is showing great advancement in their future with the baseball league of the Brewers.

There is no other team in the league with such great sportsmanship, what really caught my eye about them, that makes them so great is the ability to enter every single game with a positive outlook.

They never let past failures of yesterday get in the way of their chances today and that is what this game is all about, trying to be the best, even if that only means taking a small step every day in the right direction.

This is a team that you will never grow tired of watching, they are constantly improving and they continue to grow as a team and individuals with every match.